Kri Kri Ibex Hunting

Kri Kri Ibex Hunts in Texas

Kri Kri Ibex Hunts take place on a documented pure herd. Kri-Kri Ibex are the smallest ibex by body weight, smaller than all others, but not by the length of their horns. The Kri-Kri is a handsome, relatively slender animal with blackish-brown marking that contrast with the lighter overall color. Summer coat is reddish-brown, turning ashy gray in winter in adult males. Under parts and back of legs are white. The dark blackish areas include a dorsal stripe, shoulder stripes, flank stripes, front of legs, chest, tail, throat, face and beard. Calluses develop on the knees and sometimes on the chest. Males are characterized by large, scimitar-shaped, laterally compressed horns. The front edge is a sharp keel with a number of bold, sharp-edged, widely separated knobs.

Limited Trophy Ibex Hunts to date have produced Kri Kri over 43 inches in length. (SEE PICTURES) We have several we believe to be longer. Lodging, Meals, Guide all Inclusive on our Kri Kri Ibex Hunts.

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