Addax Hunts

Addax Hunts
Addax Hunts


Addax Hunts in Texas

Addax Hunts Texas adventures begin on the Lucky 7 Ranch where we will glass several self sustaining herds looking for your Trophy. Hunting will consist of spotting, stalking and hopefully getting into position to harvest this beautiful African antelope. Table fare is also excellent.

Addax, also known as the white antelope and the screw-horn antelope lives in the African Sahara desert.The summer coat of addax is white to reflect the sun’s heat, while their winter coat of darker tan absorbs the sun’s heat.

Addax mainly eat grasses and leaves of any available shrubs, leguminous herbs and bushes. These large antelope are well-adapted to exist in their desert habitat, therefore are able to live without water for long periods of time. They have shorter legs than most antelope, which gives them a low center of gravity to keep them steady even on shifting desert sands. Their hooves are broad and rounded for sandy terrain. They form herds of five to 20 members, consisting of both males and females and are led by the oldest female.

Due to Conservation efforts by a number of Texas ranches the Addax thrives. Addax Hunting is one of the success stories of Texas conservationist who help insure a strong stable population of this beautiful African Antelope.

Guide Fee $125/day       Trophy Fee $ 5,000

Meals/Lodging available $150/night 

All Photos taken on our Ranch

Self Sustaining Herds of African Plains Game, “Addax” roam the 3,000 acre Lucky 7 Exotic Ranch.

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