Native & Exotic Hunts for 40+ Species

The Lucky 7 Exotic Ranch provides the very best in first class Native & Exotic Hunts covering 3,000 acres of prime well managed habitat comfortably supporting self sustaining herds of European, African and Native big game species. No matter if this is your first hunt or you are a seasoned hunter we will insure you the best experience and lasting memories, from the time you enter the Ranch gate until you leave as our friend. We can provide on site lodging, private rooms, meals, experienced guides, caping and a walk in game cooler to properly take care of your trophy. The Lucky 7 ranch is located seven miles outside the small town of Eden, TX.

Available Native & Exotic Hunts:

Sheep & Goat species include: Aoudad, Tahr, Transcaspian Urial, Red Sheep, Armenian Mouflon, Afghan Urial, “Phantom Sheep” Texas Dall, Corsican, Black Hawaiian, Racka & Cordova

Antlered Game:- Axis, Fallow, Red Deer, Elk, Sika, Barasingha, Pere David and Whitetail Deer.

African Plains Game and Spiral Horn, Addax, Arabian Oryx, Blackbuck, Blesbok, Blue Wildebeest, Eland, Gemsbok, Impala, Kudu, Nilgai, Lechwe, Sable, Scimitar Oryx, Simbok Oryx, Waterbuck & Zebra.

In addition to the hundreds of animals available to our hunters, the ranch is also equipped with several loaded stock tanks for you fishing pleasure as well as comfortable lodging with all the amenities you have at home. While in season, dove, turkey and quail hunts are also available to our hunters.

We accept groups of all sizes.



First Class Lodging, Ranch Style Meals, Top notch Guides


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